Jeff is Abusive

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

“You aren’t the only mother fucking bitch that I’m fucking you sore cunt whore”, that’s what he always says to me when he’s drunk off of his fucking ass. Jeff is abusive he is a sorry son of a bitch from hell that got blasted back to Earth because the devil didn’t want to feel like a bitch. When I met that motherfucker, I should have known he was trash, but I let him fuck me and in my part of town that means that’s your old man. I am stuck with this sorry son of a bitch he complains all the time tells me how he hates my fucking sorry sore cunt ass he does even more than that. He tries to make me feel like that I am nothing and you know what sometimes he makes me question myself but not today and especially not last night. You see, Jeff has a friend name William and William has what I imagined to be a huge black fucking cock. William is 6 feet for about 270 lb. completely strong black muscles huge hands bigger feet you know what that means. Well Jess is taking advantage of my good nature and not appreciating me I’m waiting to appreciate myself with his friend. just lies all the time he knows I’m a fucking 10 I mean you put me on a nice fuck me dress a pair of heels some thong panties and every guy in town wants to fucking drill me. Jeff is just an insecure piece of fucking trash who wants to keep my self-esteem low so that he will be the only one getting some of my really good fucking pussy. Guess what I’m going to give my pussy to William I am going to suck his big black cock I’m going to fuck him that’s what I kept saying to myself yesterday. Jeff is a dumbass fuck Valentine’s Day for him was nothing he left got drunk got fucked up and probably got fucked will guess what I got fucked too Valentine’s was amazing and I’m a 10 I’m sure of it.

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