Wicked hottie Janie

I am an aspiring porn star! Well sorta. I haven’t actually been in any porns but I sure do want to. All I have done is post some lil cam videos of myself on youtube but before long I just know I will be discovered as the nastiest lil teen fuckslut porn has ever seen.

If daddy knew I was such a dirty girl he would probably disown me, but I am pretty good at keeping it secret. I have cute little prissy outfits I wear when leaving the house but before I get to school I have changed in to my slut gear. I luv dressing up in tiny little skirts , halter tops and platform shoes to get the attention of lots of cocks. Teachers, the football team or even the dirty old man janitor. I figure if I am going to be a good porn star I need to start practicing now. My plans are to suck N’ fuck my way to the top!

Nasty fuckslut Janie

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