It’s PokeHer Night

Playing poker is a game for real men. The old saying “liquor in the front and poker in the rear” is one of my favorites.
I like to get started by flipping a coin. Heads I get tail and tails you get head.
Of course when your a royal flush like I am, anything is possible and every thing in the game is sexual and hot.
No matter how we play, The house always wins.
So ante up boys. See if you can call my bluff or make me lay down.
I play like a maniac or we can play tight and put something other then cards on the felt.
That is when you will deal me a nut flush with the river being your cum all over my tits.
Shall I deal you in so you can steal the pot? Or will you check then fold and let me show you how to raise, my way? No matter what, you will always be my ace in the hole!

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