It’s Blackmail Bitch

Blackmail Phone SexI hate this goody two shoes fake snow-white whore Becky, oh God she’s the worst she walks around the office like her pussy is made of sugar sprinkles and no one deserves her. Fuck you dumb bitch you’re the reason I hate office jobs I keep having fantasies of her being gangbanged by all the horny ass fucks I work with. In my daydreams she’s taking cock in every one of those tight fuck holes until each one of those openings are torn and worn the slut shit out. Well wouldn’t you know who I caught stealing from the company and allot. You are a fucking despicable piece of thieving skank trash I knew you were no where near perfect now I’ve got your ass. Look at you Becky, you’re in-trouble bitch this means not only getting exposed shamed and fired whore no this means jail time tramp. I want you to think about that and then think about me and how it’s my time to shine, you see bitch I’ve always wanted to direct a full on hardcore porn flick. Guess who the star of it is, if your thinking you slut you’re on the perfect track.

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