I’m Your Pretty Kitty

Furry Friends Phone Sex

Furry friends phone sex can be so fucking naughty when you find a kinky girl like me that wants to make all your dirtiest fantasies come true. There are some things that get my pretty pink pussy off that are so taboo. It might shock you to know that having some fun with a furry friend makes my wet cunt start to fucking squirt. I knew this guy that was in love with the fun the three of us would have together. I wanted to set up a hot kinky fuck session us and our special friend. I got this butt plug that looked just like a cute little kitty tail. I popped it into my tight ass, but on some sexy panties and my cat ears. I looked so fucking sexy and cute, I knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from fucking me the moment he saw me and I was not wrong. He saw me standing there and I gave him a little twirl so he could see my sexy little furry cat tail. He bent me over and fucked me so hard. He filled my sweet little pussy up and then let our furry little friend come and clean me up. Feeling that slobbery wet tongue all over my clit and slurping up his load from my dripping cum filled cunt made me fucking squirt.

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