I’ll do anything for the right price…

Most women can not compete with me.

There is nothing I wont do to earn an extra buck.

I spend my days laying naked around rich men’s homes and I lay there and wait for them to fuck me.

I am their sex slave for a day.

My client today wants me to wait out side on his porch and when he is ready he will call me inside for a treat.
He wants me to be his obedient pet.
I love to do this because of the money and sex.
I am such a greedy whore when it comes to sex and money.
For the right price, I will fuck myself. 
I let a man fuck me with his cut off arm stub and I made $1500 for that.
Last week I pretended to be a corps for my client. I laid in a bath of ice water. and when I was the right temp for his he fucked me up my ass.
I let a man lick peanut butter off my pussy. 
I even work with women.
All women want to do is have their pusses eaten or fuck me with a strap on.
I enjoy women more because they are so hard on my body.
About a month ago, I was a man slave for 3 days. 
I made over 10 thousand dollars.
He fucked every hole in my body. 
He would spank me, and drag me around his house on a leash.
I wasn’t aloud to shower for those 3 days, He wanted me covered in his cum from head to toe.
Like I said, I’ll do anything for the right price. 
Hire me today and let me be your sex slave.







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