Ice Cream You Scream

2 girl phone sex alanzaPussy is like ice cream, if you like it, it does not matter if it is served in a cup or in a cone, it is all good. Except when you want a double dip. Now that is when things get interesting. Do you want both dips the same flavor? Or do you want two different flavors, mix it up a little bit? Generally one dip is enough to satisfy that need for a treat that melts when you lick it. Can you handle a double dip or is that just a little to much for your sweet tooth? Are you adventurous enough to go a step farther and add all kinds of kinky fuckery, changing it from just ice cream to something more, like perhaps a hot fudge sundae or a banana split? There are so many options for toppings and different ways to enjoy this delicious treat. The similarities between the creamy goodness of ice cream and the creamy goodness of pussy that I can think of…do you have any metaphors that would apply? I would love to hear them….hot ass sex alanza

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