I Need A Little Romance

romantic phone sex

You know what I really need tonight?  Romantic phone sex.  All I wanna do is fill up my bathtub with warm silky bubbles, light some candles.  Get me a tall glass of red wine.  Turn on some softy sexy music, and have a stimulating conversation with a man.  I don’t care if you’re married or not.  Married men are kinda my thing anyway.  Sure, I’m known to be a party girl, but I have a soft sensual side as well.  I wanna rub my hand under the water and let my fingers find my pussy while listening to your voice.  Pinch my nipples as you tell me all the hot sexy things you wanna do to me.  I’ll tell you all about me sucking that hard cock of yours while we’re driving down the highway. Maybe pull over on the side of the rode for some rough roadside sex? The kind that makes you cum really really hard with a boatload of cum all over my beautiful ass? That’s the kind of phone sex I need in my life tonight.  I’m the perfect GFE.  And it’s not really cheating if it’s over the phone, right?




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