I love Daddy’s cum

 Hot squirting pussyWhen I cum for Daddy and he busts all inside of me, we create a magical feeling that can’t be explained, only experienced. It’s truly a sensation that can’t be matched or beat. Cumming at the same time and not holding anything back, just let it all out! He gives me all of his  dick and all of his energy. Whether Daddy’s cum is dripping off my face, festering in my mouth or smeared all over my titties, I look so fuckin yummy drenched in his gooey cock cream. I open wide and show him my throat as I take that fuckin cum shot and suck him dry, that’s why I am his dirty little cum slut! Daddy’s jizz tastes so good, I love gargling it and showing it to him as it bubbles in my mouth. I spit that nut back out on my Daddy’s dick and watch it slime down his thick shaft. Daddy is always wet and ready to fuck up my tight little pussy. It’s so wet and dripping, I love knowing that I am about to be stretched out by a throbbing hard cock. Daddy is always ready to pound and fuck me hard. We try out all positions and I wild out on his thick dick! I take his manhood like a champ, I fiend for it constantly! My white sticky pussy juice smothers my Daddy’s dick and makes my mouth fuckin water. I wanna clean him up and suck it all up, I taste so fuckin yummy, I love how he plays with my hot squirting pussy!

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