I Love Being Used As A Cum Rag

Blowjobs Phone SexI had come back into my apartment after a jog and I was in complete shock when I saw my neighbor whom I had given a key to along with 5 other guys. He commanded I get naked and get on my knees. I did and they all were closing in on me like a swarm of birds to food. I had 3 big fat dicks in my mouth and they were fuckin hard, it was stretching my mouth open really wide. I got my ass end lifted up and soon enough I had a cock in my ass and pussy. All of my holes were being fucked and I was a sex toy for their taking. I was gagging and drooling all over 3 cocks in my mouth was to much. One of the guys pulled out and peed all over my hair and then was jacking off calling me a dirty bitch, a slut, when he came he said “that’s right dumb whore take it”. They all pulled out and was peeing and jacking off on me, I was being bathed in come and piss and it made me so wet.

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