I know you are watching

Winter time is such a hard time to be alone.

I see you there in my window.

I hope you are liking what you see.

My peeping-tom..

I don’t feel so alone when you are with me.

I find my self being more aroused knowing you are there some where out there standing in my window at night watching me rub my pussy.

I am so wet thinking about you rubbing your cock watching me pinch my nipples, suck on my fingers, slap my pussy and finger fucking myself.

If only you knew how bad I want you to fuck my mouth as my head hangs off the couch.

I want you to shove your cock so far down my throat I am gagging and can’t breath.

I want you to slide your cock into my pussy nice and slow at first, then I want you to push my face into the mattress and fuck me as hard as you could.

I want you to fuck and stretch out my holes!

I know you watch me.

I don’t care.

Why not come inside and be warm and watch me fuck myself?

Maybe you could give me a hand baby.

I know you want to lick my body up and down.

Come in baby..

I want you to know I watch you too.  

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