I know My Place

female bondageFemale Bondage makes your dick rock hard. You love to see my huge tits tied up and my hands and feet spread out cuffed to the rings on the floor. You know I am submissive and I am owned but by taking away any movement You are in complete ownership of my sexy pussy and ass. My mouth becomes a fuckhole you can slam into over and over. My face turns shades of purple before you let me breathe again. You can whip my pussy lips and I can not squirm. I am not always bound because I know my place. I know that a new Dom is using me to practice and my eyes must be downcast. My Master loves eye contact so I am learning old slave ways for the New dom. He wants my clit covered in wax and horse tail anal plugs at all times. I am to have no pleasure as my ass hole is even numbed so I get no orgasm from his thrust.  I do know that I am just a female here to please any and every cock that comes to me, I know why my slutty self-was put here for. I even love the humiliation I get when master listens at the door when a Master wants my time. I struggle and want to be the dirtiest slavery phone sex girl for him. I know that he has trained me well and it’s my duty to submit to my Masters in any shape or form. 

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