I Get Wet For Married Men

Married Men Phone Sex

At work I run into a lot of married men who often complain about their wives. It’s often little things like she nags to much or she’s lazy. What I see in these men isn’t irritation, it’s dissatisfaction. It’s obvious that their needs are not being met and it’s much easier to blame the little things then admit to the real problem. Which is where I come in when they are busy complaining to me, I’m imagining that ring finger deep inside my pussy. I think about riding you in the back of your car in a crowded parking lot while you tell me how amazing I am cause you wife would never do this with you. I like the feeling of squeezing my bald little cunnie around your cock, as you tell me how much tighter I am. I become the dirty little secret that makes those little things much easier to tolerate. I think every man needs a dirty little secret like me.

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