I Couldn’t Believe It

I did it again, spent all my money partying the other night. I called every dick in town that usually pays for pussy or head to make some money and every one is tapped the fuck out. I even called a gay chick I know that will pay me to knock the bottom out of that ass with my big black strap on. So I broke down and looked in the paper to see if I could get a quick gig somewhere and make some cash. I found an ad for someone that wanted help cleaning before the holidays. I set up the interview and headed over for the job. The chick was a homely as hell woman but she had a nice house so I knew she had money. The first thing she wanted me to do was to clean the guest bed room. She gave me the cleaning supplies and sent me on my way. I was deep into cleaning with my head phones on when I felt someone behind me. When I turned around and saw him the old feelings came rushing back and my pussy was instantly wet. It was my old flame and he still looked hot as fucking hell. It seems he has done pretty damned good for himself other then the homely chick he married. He grabbed my ass and started kissing me hard and I could feel his cock growing against my stomach. I knew what was coming the sex would be hot and heavy, he would spank my ass and make me squirt all over his cock. Nether of us cared that she was home and could walk in at any minute, all we cared about was the raw fucking that we both loved! He didn’t even notice the cell phone recording on the dresser. I will be using that later for a good fuck and money!

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