Hotter Than July

When the temperature dips below freezing, it’s not really possible to have those long leisurely talks with your neighbors like you do during those hot summer months.

This chilly weather forces me to unfortunately wear far too many clothes, but I find ways to rock winter fashions don’t you agree? And even though it’s frigid outside, when you walk through my door it’s hotter than July and your naughty neighbor is more than ready to make you work up a sweat.

Lie with me in front of the roaring fire and help me slip off this lacy bra and panties, I love feeling your mouth on my big, juicy tits. Suck and lick them all over, bite my hard, pink nipples as you finger my wet pussy.

Mmm, I’ll wrap my hand around the base of your cock, stroking your thick hard shaft just oozing with all that sticky pre cum. Watch me bring my fingers to my lips and lick it all off of them, fuck baby I love how you taste…I crave it.

All I want is for you to fill me with your throbbing hard dick, thrust it deep inside my dripping wet cunt and fuck me like your little whore. Fuck me like it’s the last fuck of our lives, hold me down and pump all your white hot creamy cum deep inside my tight pink pussy.

I’m so hungry for you, and I know how you’re aching right now for some hot, nasty fun. Well, lucky for you all the wild, erotic fuck fantasies you dream of are right outside your door.


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Olivia
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