Home wrecking barbie

hot ass sexI wore a tight mini skirt and got all dolled up. I couldn’t wait to surprise my boss. We have been fucking for a while but I wanted to push the envelope. I had a sudden urge to want to get fucked in his bed. I knew it was off limits to fuck in the bed he shares with his wife. I really didn’t care I was going to have my way if it was the last thing I did. I knew he couldn’t resist my cute outfit and he wanted me to be his naughty school girl. I was going to be just that a nasty student slut. I was excited to be in a place I wasn’t suppose to be. Fucking in his wives bed made things more official it showed he had no sympathy and wanted hot ass sex with his favorite girl. Knowing I was being put first made me slippery wet. I knew in no time there would be no wife. I can’t wait to make that happen.

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