He’s a piss drinker and he loves it

Fetish Phone SexThe most depraved, disgusting and filthiest pervert that I have ever talked to loves to have extreme fetish phone sex with me and I can’t blame him! You see, he’s a nasty piss drinker and he loves making it known to the world. The more people that are aware of his sick addiction, the better. He strokes his thick and throbbing penis while I squat over his face and spread open my bad cunt lips right above his mouth. I always enjoy giving him the perfect view deep up inside of my pink little fuck holes. It’s so fun to hear and watch him moan while I explode my shower of urine all over his face and body. The wetter and messier I can make him be, the hornier he becomes. He has a never-ending addiction for pornography and he’s truly the only person I can really let my porn fantasies flourish with. What may seem taboo and sick in the head to most is normalcy and vanilla for us, lol. He guzzles down my pee like it’s urine, he loves the way I taste! We really are a couple of mentally deranged motherfuckers!

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