Head Job at the Bus Stop

Blowjobs Phone Sex

I ride the bus to work every morning at the same time and god knows I hate getting up, getting dressed and dragging my ass out to that bus stop. My car has been in the repair shop for three whole weeks now and it’s driving me insane. I met this guy Allen who sits with me and keeps me company, he said he saw me from his window and wanted to make sure I was safe from bad strangers. I think he’s cute and he sure has a nice body. I asked Allen did I turn him on because his pants look like they have a distinct rise in the front crotch area. Allen responded to me by grabbing my hand and placing it on his super hard cock and saying you make me hungry, he wants to give me head before I go to work. I am going to let him eat my fucking ass out too. My cunt got soaking wet thinking about his proposition.


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