He Pays to Hate so Good

Financial Domination Phone Sex


Mr. Davis is a strange man to say the least he has a fetish for treating Black women of substance like slave trash. When I meet with Mr. Davis he loves for me to be dressed in business wear, he says it adds to the ambiance of his fantasy. I get paid well so I deal with this one fetish and make it good for him I really make it better than good. I walked into his office for  our business meeting with my paperwork in hand wearing a sleek light grey pant suit a pair of pearl earrings and a beautiful pearl necklace that he bought for me. Our meeting intels how to contribute to the Black movement, he always starts the same he shares a few ideas and then asks me to elaborate on my thoughts of his ideas. I begin to tell him how I love his ideas and how we can get the ball rolling. He comes from behind his desk asks me a series of derogatory questions, 1. Do you think that Slave Patrols made runaway slaves suck their master cocks when they caught them? As he stands over me with his cock growing in his pants he needs an answer to understand the pains of blacks at the hand of white slave masters. I respond by saying I’m sure they were sexual deviants and they forced the slaves to perform all sorts of compromising acts.. 2. Do Black people dream about being raped by their White masters and do they like it in any twisted way? His dick by this point is rock solid but he wants me to try to ignore it and answer his questions. Mr. Davis I do believe that Blacks are affected by thing that happened to their ancestors but I don’t know that we all dream of such acts.. 3. Can I take my big white dick out and shove it in your nigger mouth and make you fucking gag on it? Mr. Davis, what are you saying do you know who I am.. Your the Nigger I will be giving 50K to for your dumb ass cause and you are also the Black whore that is going to shut the fuck up and earn this money. At this point we start to get into gore of it all…


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  1. Brian

    Damn Sexy Fucking Calls. My cock is so hard for you right now.

  2. Daniel

    You are a hot black bitch

  3. Mike

    Shit that’s hot

  4. James

    Sexy piece of chocolate!

  5. Gerard

    Make me your bitch please

  6. Steven

    I love your sweet chocolate body and your nasty mind, you make me cum twice every time.

  7. Linton

    I want my cock shoved down to the back of your throat. You are so hot baby.

  8. Herman

    I want to be your Master!!

  9. King

    Yeah I know you dream about your masters

  10. henry

    Nice blog

  11. dave

    dirty black slave bitch.

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