hard core fuck

hardcore phone sex   We went to my girl friends pool this afternoon, and she invited over this guy she has been wanting me to hook up with for so long. He bought us all drinks and started grilling out. I thought he was so sexy and damn he was tall I kept thinking i hope hes down to fuck today, because I need some cock. He took me back behind her house and laid me down kissed me all over. I started to strip for him give him a little show. I started to see his cock grow bigger and bigger for me. Taking off his clothes I helped him undress faster. His cock was so pretty I had to wrap my mouth and lips around his head. I groped his balls tight and opened my throat right open so he could slam my head down on his cock deeper and deeper. I then sat up and started riding his dick like the little slutty babe I am. Hopefully he wants to get more serious I like our talks and his cock is great to.

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