Happy Birthday Daddy

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Today was my Daddy’s birthday so I woke him up with the best surprise. I snuck into his room and snuggled up close underneath the covers. I could feel his morning wood against my leg, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and moved downward. I used my hand to stroke daddy’s dick a little bit, he started to wake up a little. I sucked on his swollen mushroom head running my tongue around the ridge. He started to moan a little. I put daddy’s cock down my throat making it was sloppy and wet with my spit. I took my time just like daddy likes. I made him start to throb, he grabbed the back of my head and started pushing it up and down. The throbbing grew and he forced my head completely down as he started to cum. I choked a little on his cum but I didn’t fight. After all I want daddy to enjoy his birthday present.

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