Grocery Fun

Exhibitionist Phone SexSo I went out to the store. It was late so I found myself wandering around and found myself in the vegetable section. I started getting these ideas in my head, I couldn’t help but want to do this. I browsed picking out certain vegetable that I felt would suit for my dirty fun. I found this nice big cucumber a little bumpy but not a problem for what I needed. I pulled my pants down and slowly slide a nice thick carrot into my ass while I rubbed my cunt. Getting myself nice and prepared for the cucumber when I glanced over and saw a worker staring at me. I smiled sweetly and started pushing the cucumber in, letting out a vocal moan as I could feel it. The coolness gave me a bit of goosebumps but contributed to the pleasure. I stared at the worker while I continued to fuck my vegetables having him watch was only adding to my pleasure. I teased the carrot in my ass turning it and pulling it in and out as I fucked the cucumber. Moaning as I came hard my juices dripping of my organic fuck toys. I smiled at the worker as I slowly put my pants back on, and returned my toys to there resting spots. I winked and turned away, proud and satisfied.

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