Gonna Get Him With Gold

I have never had a date like the one I had last night. Generally when a man spends more time talking to my nipples then looking me in the eye, it means that he will be all over me like a monkey on a cup cake at the end of the night.
Not this guy. We spent the entire night together and everything was perfect. We laughed and drank and danced. He caressed my leg and kissed me. And then at the end of the night he left me with a sweet kiss and a “I’ll give you a call.”
My pussy was soaking wet and I could see the stiff dick in his pants, and yet he didn’t try anything. Not even a suggestion of going further.
I went inside and fucked myself with a vengeance. Imagining him on me giving it to me hard and deep like the lust in his eyes suggested he wanted to. I knew he was home jerking his cock with the same vengeance dreaming about being lost in the warmth of the tits he stared at all night.
I had to make an attempt to see him again and lure him into my bed. I believe that he alluded to having a foot fetish. Perhaps I will start by going out and buying some “fuck me” heels in a beautiful gold, along with a new out fit.
My wheels are turning and I am making plans!

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