Give Me That Cum All Night Long

Cum Slut Phone SexI love cum!  Cum in the throat.  Cum in the cunt.  Cum in my ass.   Cum on my face.  Cum in my hair.  Cum on my boobs.  Cum on every inch of me.  Cum taste so sweet in my mouth.  Cum feels so good deep inside my cunt and ass.  Cum feels good as it coats my stomach.  Leaving the after taste of cum in my mouth.   And when cum is on my body, the cum Moisturizes my skin.  Leaving my skin so silky.  Cum makes my hair shiny and smooth.  Cum all the way around is great for the body, inside and out!  And let us not forget that awesome package that delivers all that yummy cum.  ~Naughty Reanna

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