Girls night out

2 girl phone sexI once dated this guy who was pretty dickish and we were living together in a small apartment in the city, I was taking a quick break from school and really frustrated with the way this relationship was going, I wasn’t happy about some news he laid on me. He told me his sister was going to crash with us for a few weeks till she got a new apartment. I always was pretty sure his sister didn’t like me much so I was in for a nightmare. His sister Mandie came and made herself at home, She was pretty attractive and I knew she was sexually fluid she has had guys and girls and was pretty open sexually,

One day after huge blow out fight I was pretty upset Mandie came out and told me we should hang out, I was taken back a bit I didn’t expect it. I was actually down to hang out because I needed time to forget about the bullshit at home. We went out for drinks and got buzzed it was a fun night out. We were joking around and started to talk about how sexually frustrated we both were.  I felt her hand rub against me, I was stuck thinking is she really coming on to me? I was feeling her feel up to me and I was getting so turned on. I felt a rush of mix feelings I was so turned on but knew it was wrong.

The more I thought about how wrong it was the exciter I got. One thing led to another, and my clothes were entirely off. I felt mandies sucking on my nipples tracing down my body and working Mandie way down my pussy. I thought her eating my pussy I could feel her rubbing me and making me cum. I was getting so worked up and wanted to scissor her so badly; I had seen plenty of lesbian porn, I even had two girl phone sex before with a friend of mine. I was curious and open to everything that was going on. I just couldn’t believe it was happening with my boyfriend’s sister. I loved it, and It was making the experience so much better. All the emotions that were going thru my body were causing me climax harder than I ever had.

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