Girl crush

hot ass sex

A couple of years ago I was fresh to the city and brand new to adulting. I was barely eighteen and was trying to be an independent one right off the back. I was always against roommates and wanted to do my own thing. It came down to the reality that I would have to get one. I ended up getting acquainted with a friend who suggested a friend. I was nervous about it but wasn’t going to be a negative nancy.

The day had come, and I met Amina she was gorgeous, and I could tell that even though she was more than a couple of years older than me, she was going to be a blast. Mina was, already in her late thirties and had twenty years on me. I grew a girl crush quite instantly. I loved how hot her body was and how she was so youthful and could get anyone she wanted too. I liked that she lived carefreely and happily. With her, I had my first girl on girl action ever. She didn’t have to convince me  I was already on board.

I was timid, but she knocked that right out of me. The way she used her nice young on my pussy and finger fucked me drove me wild. Hot ass sex with her was like no other. I learned so much that year, and we still have fun together. Now its been a couple of years shes married and has a few youngins but we always sneak in time reminiscing about the past.

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