GFE Baby

GFE phone sex  My next door neighbor just moved in and he keeps asking me to diner, witch I keep telling him no because yes I am getting food out of it, but i need a nice fat sexy cock to fill my pussy up. Hes so old I don’t think his dick will stand long enough i’m young and I can fuck all night. I just need to find out though. I finally said yes to him he took me out and walked me to my door step and didn’t even bother to ask if he wanted to come in or didn’t ask if I wanted to come to his place. I got pissed and said what do you not want my pussy.. He said to me haven’t you heard of romance I don’t want to fuck you on our first date… I was so confused but I tell what I respect that made me have a little crush I just want cock and to be taken out and to be spoiled I am thinking if I give him some time he will want to fuck and maybe it will be good. I am going out with him tonight what do you think about this ?? Fuck hes just a tease or will it be worth it.?

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