Getting out of that DUI

big tit fuckingI was a dumb slut and didn’t realize I had one too many drinks. I wish I would have paid much more attention and perhaps I wouldn’t have been in the bind I put myself in. I was behind the wheel after a couple of shots and smoking pot, I thought I was okay to drive, but I was wrong. I was pulled over and panicked because I wasn’t even twenty-one to be drinking. The officer was ready to make his arrest and report, but I guess he liked what he saw. He gave me an alternative option. I would have to have my car driven by someone sober, but I would have to provide him with a special thank you for letting me off easy. I agreed. I couldn’t turn that down. I ended up giving him big tit fucking extravaganza. He was in love with my huge jugs and wanted his cock deep in them. I gave the best blowjob I could I made sure to show the officer how thankful I was and how much of a freak I could be. I learned my lesson for sure.


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