Getting It Out Of You

Hot ass sexOne way or another I will get it out of you. The sexual desires you have that you are holding deep within your subconscious. One thing about me is I am a real freak. You won’t know until I want to show you. I want to know who you are and what you will tell me before you know who I really am. I met a man recently who finally told me his true fantasy. This man felt silly talking about it, he was in love with teachers. The thing he said that he didn’t understand is they do not have to be attractive. It could be an old teacher young, fat, skinny. If they were a teacher, he wanted to fuck. He told me this information over the phone. I decided I was going to make this mans fantasy come true. Maybe if he would be able to make his fantasy a reality he would understand why he has such a thing for teachers. I told him I had an office at a local college that we could meet and talk. I was waiting for him with my sexy uniform on, he was going to learn about his fantasy. I started teaching as if he was my student. I wanted his mind to lead him to what he wanted to do to me. I said different things to him to see how he reacted to each word that came from my mouth. It turns out, he wants a teacher to come on to him. It makes him feel special. Teachers have a form of power, he enjoys he was the student that was picked by the powerful teacher. I told him to drop his pants so I can suck his young thick cock. I got him to sit on the desk, I told him how he was a sexy young man and I have been dreaming of riding his dick all year. This man left knowing why he had such a thing for teachers. He may also just gained a fantasy for therapists. I don’t blame him.

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