Furry Friends

Furry Friends Phone SexSometimes man cock is just not enough. Sometimes I need a little extra friendly mutt dick. Giggles. I know you know exactly what I am talking about. When I am on all 4rs with my ass perched out. Peanut butter smeared along my wet cunt lips and a big old shepherd mutt tongue lapping at my juicy cunt making my whole body quiver. His mutt dick starting to make an appearance as he gets hard. I gasp as I hear him jump and I feel his claws dig into my fleshy back. His mutt dick finding my cunt hole and rapidly sliding in and out. I can feel his weight leaning against my body and pushing me down. His mutt dick pushing deeper into my soaking cunt, I can feel my body shake all over as he gives me his special knot. I can feel him swelling making me his bitch. Oh yes! Feeling the pain as he attaches himself to me and that is when I start to explode all over his wonderful furry mutt dick.

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