Fun with our furry friend!

adult phone chat bambiSo there I was, on my hands and knees sucking my Daddy’s hard cock like a good girl when I felt a large wet tongue licking my dripping wet pussy and up to my tight little brown eye. It felt so good, that I started wiggling my ass and spreading my legs so the tongue would dig deep into my cunny. Moaning against Daddy’s cock I reached down to spread my puffed up pussy lips. And to my shock, the tongue went away but then I felt a large furry body mount me. Our large furry friend, mounted me, started fucking me like the breeder bitch I am. His hot shaft quickly pounding into me just felt so good. Then I felt his knot swelling, stretching me inside until he was stuck thrusting away. Daddy was just as turned on as I was that I was being fucked by our four legged friend. I was loving it. Hehe. Then Daddy came really hard, making my swallow load after load of his cum and our best friend came with him, spraying my womb with his hot jizz. I had to gasp and moan as he brought me to my climax as he pulled and thrust with his large knot still stuck inside me. With a pop, he slipped out of me. If felt so fucking good to make my furry friend and my Daddy happy. Maybe next time it can be you and me and our four legged companion?

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