Fun In The Dressing Room

Cyber Sex Phone SexI was walking around the clothing store looking for some new silky lingerie, panties, and bras, I found some very cute things that I wanted to try on. I made my way to the changing room. As I was slipping on a pair of matching panties and bra I could hear 2 male employees talking about my slutty body. they called me a cougar whore and talking about wishing they were in the dressing room with me. My twat already dripping down my thighs I opened the door with just he silk panties and bra I was trying and invited them both in with me. I heard you men talking about me I said with a giggle in my tone. And I want you 2 to know that comments about me turned me right the fuck on. I got on my knees, opened my mouth and said let us start with this fuckable hole.

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