Fuck Me Like Everyone’s Watching

Exhibitionist Phone SexI started dating this boy who’s new to town. He didn’t know how much of a big slut I was but he soon found out. We were at a party my friend was throwing and it was kind of dull. So I decided to make things more fun. I started teasing my boyfriend making out with him and grabbing his dick through his pants. He would tell me to stop people were watching. I smiled and whispered in his ear “That’s the point”. I climbed on top of him, and stripped my shirt of rubbing my breast in his face. That certainly started getting everyone’s attention as I glanced around almost everyone was staring. My boyfriend could not hide how hard his was, his dick is nice and huge wanting to bust out of his pants so I set it free. Jerking it in my hand and rubbing the precum  all over my perky tits. I could see everyone at the party getting excited a few of them cheering me on, others recording and taking pictures. I stripped down completely and slowly slid down on his pole, moaning loudly going faster and faster. Guys started shouting for him to cream in me. This only made me fuck him harder, wanting to make it happen. He explored in me hard, certainly filling me with some nice hot thick cream. I climbed off him and showed everyone my bald cream filled pussy as I played with my clit. I rubbed hard until I squirted out into the crowd of eager onlookers. Seriously best party sex ever!

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