Forced Into My Car By A Stranger


Rape Phone Sex Fantasies



I was leaving a gas station when a guy walked up behind me, asking if I had a lighter. I told him I did not but just as I was opening my car door he shoved me inside my auto with full force. He quickly explained that I was going to be his new little sex slave but that first we needed to make a few stops. I was so scared, begging for my life and all but he kept just reminding me that pretty girls like me don’t get murdered- they get sold to pimps to make bank off of. I realized things were not looking in my favorite the moment he pulled off the road, demanding for me to take my clothes off so he could force himself inside me. I new then that things weren’t looking up and the best ting I could do is try and just cooperate. He used me in the back seat over and over again. We drove for ever and ever, it seemed like we had made it at least 500 miles away from where he abducted me. Finally we pulled up to a dilapidated trailer kind hidden in the woods. Once we arrived I was introduced to my new captors. They had been scouting out for months looking for a perfect petite blonde like myself, something about a profit. It really hadn’t clicked yet that I was about to be a their personal fuck toy. They too turns, drilling out my holes and humiliating me. Everything from making me play in their scat to drinking down large portions of their urine and vomit. Finally one day I was able to escape but as I was running away, it occurred to me that they knew where I lived because they had stolen my purse, which included my ID. It wasn’t soon after returning home, I started feeling the eyes watching me all the time. They’re back and they are not finished with me either.

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