Forced Feminization By Brooklyn

Dominatrix Phone Sex

Brooklyn’s my name and I will put you in your place.  You come to me like some sniveling twit. You can smell my pussy in the air and you come to me rock hard.  “On your knees! Do not look at me. I do not need a little dick prick looking at my tits!” I then make you strip and point to the baby doll nighty and red thong set. “Put it on!” As you do I am stepping into my strap and grabbing my paddle. “Wow you look so pretty. Now come suck my dick.” Your mouth strains around my hard cock. I push your mouth down until you choke. “Good boy, now I have a surprise for you.” My Big Black friend Tyrone walks in with his big black cock ready to be pleased. “I know you want to suck it, SO GO!” I paddle you three times as you crawl to him. You are timid as you take his cock in your mouth, and that earns you three more licks. I ask Tyrone to sit so you can be on all fours for me. I drop lube on your ass and use my fingers to work it in your tight ass hole. I start fucking your ass with my finger as you moan around that big black dick. “Keep sucking that BBC, make him feel good BITCH!”  You are doing a great job on that cock because I see the pleasure in Tyrone’s face. “Deeper, Faster, Play with his balls!”  I slide my strap between your ass cheeks and begin the greatest ass fuck of your life.  I ask Tyrone to tell me when he is close. I then have you lay on your back to get fucked like the bitch you are and he cums in your ass as you cum all over yourself. “Now get in the shower, get dressed and go home and don’t say a word!” And with that it was over for now..


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