For Lust or Money….

financial domination phone sexI keep telling all of these pervs that I’m just not that kind of girl. I don’t get off on rape or torture, unless I’m forced. I don’t want to fuck the team. I’d never suck cock in a bar bathroom.
What I want to be is a phone sex princess and someone’s very special girlfriend. I have a preference for older gentlemen who know how to treat a lady. Maybe they have an ED problem and need my special treatment. I think some good old fashioned tease and denial can cure that problem. Or maybe a mutual masturbation marathon, guaranteed to make your cock rise.
While I do enjoy a good hard fuck, what really gets me off is the green stuff. Money, and lots of it. I want a man who pampers me and rewards me for my favors. No one will ever call me a whore. I’m a high class call girl. I treat my men right and in return I expect special favors. A credit card, jewelry, and lots of tips. Being with me will cost you, but I’m worth it. I’m classy, educated, can hold a conversation all night, and I suck cock like a pro.
I’m a master of erotic hypnosis. Once I get into your head, you are mine forever. I will bring you to the edge over and over before I finally allow you to blast off. It’s an experience that you are sure to remember.
Sometimes a man doesn’t want to be used as just a fuckstick. Maybe you don’t want a phone girl who just moans. I can be very romantic. I’ll even tell you that I love you and that you’re the only man for me. We can talk about anything. I give great advice on sex and relationships. I can also be a hardcore porn queen who will slide her hand in her panties as we chat about the sex you crave.
Let me be your new girlfriend. At night, as we lie in bed and masturbate together, my fingers in my pink pussy, I will bring you to new heights of passion. And you will prove to me how much you love it. Remember, tips talk, bullshit walks.
Wet warm licks and kisses,

financial domination phone sex

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