Flying To L. A.

Adult Phone ChatSummer vacation started last week and of course, I already got into trouble with my friends. My mom and dad said that I was not going to be sitting around this house for the next few months and hanging out with a bunch of delinquents. So she is flying me out to LA to stay with my uncle. He is not really my uncle but my parents have been friends with him for years so…

I have not seen you since I was about seven. I do remember how cute I thought you were! And then I see you! You had not changed a bit! You were so hot! But you were not impressed with me. You told me that I should not try to look like a grown woman when I was still just a little girl and the first thing we did is go shopping for what you thought were more age appropriate clothes.

When we got back to the house you told me to go and take a shower and wash all my make up off.

When I finished my shower you were standing there with a towel. You told me to come here and you would dry me off. You must have seen the look on my face because you told me to not look so surprised! You said that you use to dry me off all the time when I was little and that was not that long ago! I stood there as you slowly dried my wet body. You were so close. I could feel your warm breath on my skin and it felt so nice!

Phone Sex

You lead me into the bedroom where you told me to come and sit on your lap. You said, “Remember how you used to sit on my lap? You are still my little girl.”

As I sat there, my naked body still so small in your arms, I could feel you grow hard beneath me. i may still be your little girl but there are parts of me that have grown up a little and those parts are starting to really want you!

How do I let you know that I want you!

I spread my legs just a little and you look at me, straight in the eyes. Without looking away, you slid your fingers inside me. You feel how wet I am, as if I had already cum!

We both know where this is going! We both want it. I am so nervous! It will be my first time and I am so glad it is with you!

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