Finding Dick During the Lockdown

Party Girls Phone SexA girl like me can not go too long without partying and fucking. So today I decided to go visit my neighbor. I know we aren’t supposed to socialize but we live close together so I figured it might be an exception. Besides that, can anyone really fault me for needing to be pounded? I grabbed a bottle and walked quietly down the hall, knocking softly on his door. He opened the door and I whispered that I was here to party. He smiled and invited me in. We sat around drinking shots and smoking some pot. Pot makes me incredibly horny and I love to fuck when I am high. I reached my hand over and put it between his legs, rubbing his cock until I could feel it was nice and hard and at the same time he had stuck his hand up my shorts and was fingering my pussy, making it nice and wet. We removed our clothes and I climbed on top of him and rode him until he shot his load deep inside me. We then smoked and drank some more and then continued fucking. We fucked all afternoon, in every position. I took his fat dick deep inside my throat, he fucked my sweet tight ass and then put me on all fours and took my juicy bald pussy from behind. We fucked until we were exhausted and starving. We ordered some food and watched some Netflix and continued fucking until late in the night. I just might get through this quarantine after all.

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