Fantasy for us

 Roleplay phone sex

  I have been playing with my pussy just fantasizing about the best night I had the other night. Every time I go out its a new experience, and it just gives me what I need, attention, cock and confidence. Fourth of July my friends and I went out and I met this super hot older man. The way he took control, just turned me on. I thought to myself,  I wanted him and I was going to get him.He was just everything I wanted right then and there. He had his own shit, and gave me exactly what I craved. Attention but, he didn’t come to me in a cocky way. He was comfortable with who he was and just small talked me into really liking him. No sexual comments to me what so ever. SO, i new I needed to steal him and I sure as hell did that. I wrote a not to him sticking it in his truck. We all were just drinking, setting fire works and flirting. Usually when you meet people threw your friends it doesn’t always turn out how you hoped. With him this was a different story. He held my hand as we watched the fire works, and kissed my cheek. I thought maybe he was a romantic until I told him to come back to my place. How could someone be so polite and then kinky later on. But, i am not complaining. He ate my pussy until I came over his face. He pounded my pussy so hard then gaped my ass hole. I was fucked so hard I was sore the next day, but damn it was worth it. I love when a man can make me squirt.

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