Family Road Trip

Brother Sister Phone SexEvery summer Daddy took me and my brothers to Six Flags. The amusement park was a four-hour drive away. Daddy and Mommy sat in the front and I sat in the back in between my older brothers. I never wore panties on those long drives and I made sure to wear a tiny skirt for easy access. My brothers took turns playing with my pussy. Then they worked together to make me even wetter. They knew exactly how I liked to be fingerbanged. I could see Daddy watching my sex faces in the rear-view mirror, he knew what was going on. My brothers pulled their hard cocks from their pants and I stroked them both simultaneously. I held them firmly and stroked slowly because I knew what they liked. My oldest brother pushed my head into his lap and I started sucking his big dick like a good girl. The men in my family have me well trained. I worked my tongue around his mushroom tip like a pro. It didn’t take long for him to fill my mouth with salty goodness. I love family road trips.

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