Fallen Angel

fantasy phone sex

He knew that most women were not worthy of his aching 12-inch monster cock.  When I am out alone I normally do not get many men who pick up on my submissive quality. His eyes met mine and he later told me that in the depths of my blue eyes he felt the longing to be under his command. Two drinks later he was pulling my hair and having me worship that long meaty footlong cock. Lavishing kisses and licking it from head to toe. He pulled my blonde locks up to whisper in my ear, You will be mine but I know the power you hold being submissive. I had long ago given up my power to men to be used. I only know still my place, and perhaps that is the power of my body and my nature. To suck his huge cock and take it deep in my bald cunt. My power is to be anything he desires. A mix of fire in my passion and fire in my blood to make my Master happy. I have power in being bound because It is what I want, I am giving my fuckholes and I will continue to be a slave to the wetness between my legs. The devotion Master bestows upon me and to let me be his subby fuckwhore makes me want to serve him all that much more. I am a sensual lover in the way I let you use me, every man has the right to be worshipped. 

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