Exploding Orgasm

phone sexI have a few fiends with benefits.  John came over last night.  He loves when I tease him and fondle him when we watch movies together.  I wanted to surprise him this time so I ordered a cock ring nipple clips and a rabbit toy for me. We sat on couch like normal and he started to fondle me touching my beautiful breasts and hard nipples then touching ny soft tight pussy.  I then grabbed him tied his arms up so he could not touch me.  I explained to him he would never forget this night.  I tore all his clothes off placing the nipple clips on him as he laid there.  He explained even though they hurt they excited him and made his cock hard.  Since his cock was hard I placed the cock ring on him. It squeezed the end of the cock making his long fat cock even thicker. I preceded to suck him until I made him almost cum then stopped. I then took my new toy playing with it shoving it in my tight pussy as he watched driving him crazy.  It had a clit simulator and an dildo for my tight ass vibrating make my cum squirt out of me.  I instructed him not to move and he could not touch me.  It drove him nuts.  I then took his big fat swollen cock as i played with the nipple clips and shoved it down my throat sucking it very hard licking it with my powerful tongue. He screamed because he came so hard shooting it down my throat.  John can not wait for another movie night.

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