Every Command

   The way you made me writhe under you last night was exquisite. I was thinking about it all night last night, and all day today at work. I just could not get the way your nice, hard, thick cock stretched my tight cunt to the very limit… oh lord have mercy I’m wet and desperate just from the memory of it! The way you took charge of me was exquisite, and you had me begging for that wonderful, thick cock within seconds of those first harsh, commanding words. I know that my subservience was pleasing to you; I could see that your cock was straining to be freed from your jeans as I obeyed your every command. When you commanded it, I bent over the arm of your couch and spread my legs as wide as they would go. When you told me to stay silent, I tried my very hardest to hold in my moans and whimpers as you brutalized my clit. My favorite part of the evening was when you forced me on my knees and forced that perfect cock down my throat. I can’t wait for you to call on me again, because you know I’ll obey your every command no matter what.  

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