Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexYou lay back on the couch across from me. Soft music in the background calms and relaxes your body. You feel all the tension leaving your muscles as my hips sway to the slow rhythm dancing its way to your ears, don’t you? Every breath I take is charged with a sexual electricity that singes your nerves and excites you, doesn’t it? I lock eyes with you and you feel yourself slipping into a trance-like state. Oh, yes, you feel my desire as I crawl in between your legs. My hand strokes your big, throbbing cock as I take one of your balls in my mouth.

Slowly, my tongue massages it around and around to the rhythm of your breathing. You feel the lust bubbling up inside you, overwhelming your senses as I awaken the fullest extent of your arousal, don’t you? Yes, and when you finally get my lips wrapped around the head, you sigh from the relief of finally getting the touch you’ve been craving. My eyes stay locked with yours as my head bobs up and down, carefully fitting every inch down my throat. The steady beat of your rod disappearing into my mouth is mesmerizing and deepens the trance, doesn’t it?

I stand up and straddle you backwards, leaning back and sliding you into my wet cunt. Rising up and down, the tantric pace of my hips drives you wild. Reaching over, you rub my clit, matching my speed. My little moans of ecstasy heighten your desire, don’t they? I spin around and roll my hips, hitting just the right spot in my slit.

My titties methodically bouncing in front of your face is hypnotizing, and you lose track of where I end and you begin. Kissing you deeply, I am overcome by an immense orgasm, making my pussy convulse and contract around your fuckstick. This sends you over the edge as you bust a big nut inside me. Cumming together, we grunt and frantically grasp at each other’s bodies. You’ve been so good to my pussy, haven’t you? I’m always up for round two!

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