Eating Ass

I got an awesome call today. The guy just wanted to eat my fucking ass for hours. I laid back and let his tongue go deep inside my tight little asshole and came over and over again. He lapped up every drop of my cum and I just couldn’t get enough! The only problem was that he wouldn’t let me eat his ass in return! He said he was a giver and not a taker. It drove me wild and I knew that I had to find someone to get some ass of my own to eat. I called my girl friends and found one ready to come over right away.

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The second she walked in the door, we went to the bedroom and she put her ass in the air. I took one look at her round cheeks and tight little asshole and knew instantly why this guy had been such a giver! I wanted every bit of it and dove right in with my nice long tongue. She began cumming immediately, and I took my tongue out of her ass just long enough to drink it all up. Then back to that magic hole that tasted like chocolate from heaven.

I felt so fucking dirty and could feel her squirming with every single flick of my tongue. I shoved it further and further inside of her, teasing her tight little bumhole. I kept feeling her tighten up and she was screaming in pure ecstasy. She even let some gas go because she just couldn’t help herself – she had lost control of her body. She came again and again and begged for me to let her eat my ass. No way, I told her – I am a giver – NOT a taker 😉

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