Double Trouble

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wet bald pussyFuckalicious freaks like us are all about kinky fucking. Lexi and I have had our share of fun together. Lexi and I have done it all from hot twosomes between both of us to hot threesomes with our stepbrothers. We are nasty fuck sluts who love to push the envelope. You can Imagine the kind of trouble we get into together. Orgies are a weekly thing with us. We like to go to orgy parties together and find out the hottest spots. We have no limits! We are some filthy sluts who have done it all. My favorite encounter by far has been fucking the groom at a wedding we attended.



We went to this wedding, and we had quite the experience with the bride to be. Let’s point out that the bride was a complete bitch to us. She was my co-worker, and she would always make my life in the office hell. So we decided it was time to teach her a lesson on her big day. Lexi and I knew the schedule, and we knew there was some leeway to fuck the groom. We flirted with him the whole night and made him believe we both were wet as fuck for his cock. He wasn’t anything special, but the circumstance was making both of us ready to fuck. We lured him into his hotel room. The bride stayed back chit-chatting away, We had the groom intoxicated and prepared to put his cock wherever we wanted him too. We knew what was going to happen inevitably. The bride walked into Lexi and I being boned by her new husband. The look on her face was priceless, and at that moment the groom was cumming inside Lexi. The most vulnerable state a man could be in is when he is orgasming.


The perfect O face if you can ask me. He didn’t want to deprive his dick of all his desires, even though deception was committed. We destroyed the newlywed nuptials together. A dynamic duo for sure! Who doesn’t love a blonde and a redhead? We are the hot lucy and ethel you need in your life to fuck things up. It’s always an adventure with my favorite sidekick. Double trouble sluts just for you. We can make all your wildest fantasies cum true. *Pun definitely intended* 😉

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