Dorm Room Surprise

adult phone chat melindaMy girlfriends daughter just went off to college. she called me last week and told me she was a little home sick but was still having fun. She told me all about her classes and her schedule and the parties…I decided it would be fun to surprise her. I packed up some sex toys and some alcohol and headed for the campus and her dorm. If I hit it just right I would get there while she was in class. I planned on using my pick lock kit and let myself into her dorm room. I would be waiting for her half naked with toys in hand and a wet pussy. She definitely wouldn’t be home sick when I was done with her. The entire ride I played with my pussy keeping it nice and wet. I kept sucking my fingers in between orgasms and each time all I could think of was her young and tasty pink pussy. Finally I reached the campus and was in her room. The waiting was killing me. But the look on her face when she walked in the room was priceless. We didn’t leave the room all night and I was sad to go the next day.

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