Don’t walk into a trap Kitty

Party Girls Phone Sex


My girlfriend Kitty is having issues with her pitiful ghetto life and I love it. I pretend like she is the belle of the ball I pretend like I’m on her side while I pawn over her wretched existence. Her old man is a waste of space but she can’t get enough of his abuse so I am a cheerful audience member of her public downfall. Some fucking stupid bitch who she doesn’t even know though is getting in the way of my fun this skank is trying to steer Kitty into positive thinking and shit well I am going to fix little miss save-a-hoe and teach that bitch that she can’t stop the flow of money I plan to make from Miss Kitty. Everyone should know Kitt is a sexy little skank who knows how to suck dick better than she can breath and all the ghetto bugs love her. My plan is to get that bitch on camera giving head to like 20 or more guys and then have her social media sites hacked where the whole cum guzzling, whore slashing, torrid acts can be there for all her fan base to see. She will blow up but that self-esteem will fall like panties in summer, then she’s mine. I’m the only only one she will come to and you know I gotta tell her to just sell that ass and fuck them other hoes, ching. And that dizzy self righteous bitch who keeps trying to get in the way, I’ve got plans for that whore that will keep her out of my business and plans. That bitch is no saint and I’m going to prove it.

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