Don’t Be Shy

Fantasy Phone SexLet me into your mind and your body. I am your safe sexual place. Don’t be shy with me, you have no reason to be. If you ever wanted to tell someone your deepest secrets darkest fantasies I am your girl. You never know I may be into what you like and we could try it out together. Close you’re eyes and relax your mind and body. Go to that place in your mind, I will start to see your cock rising, your breathing getting faster as you are taking yourself to your every desire. You will feel a warm sensation through your body, getting more and more intense as you go deeper into your fantasy. You won’t want to hold back, the further your mind goes the hornier you are getting. The visions in your mind feel so real, you don’t want to stop. I do not want you to stop, I want you to take yourself all the way. Hold back as long as you can until you feel the explosion you have been waiting for.

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