Dollar signs and dark roads

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexI work at a place that most women would consider vile and mentally disruptive. I work with people that are hideous to put it nicely this job that I do is a full-time mental imprisonment. But guess what I like it I like exploring the most adventurous uninhibited fantasies possible. Some women, most women call me a nasty fucking Tramp who will do anything to make that dollar. My girlfriend tells me you’re all about dollar signs and dark roads you don’t care where those roads take you, I laugh at her because she has no idea how my mind works. For instance even my girlfriend as we talk to each other I think about the beautiful rape fantasies that fill my head up and she has no idea at all. I guess my job has gotten the best of me it’s made me look at everyone as pieces of meat that I could use and abuse and have so much sexual fun with.

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